Essential Tools for the Homeowner

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Essential Tools for the Homeowner

Most people don't realize that a house is a bigger investment than just the purchase. It’s because of all the things you need to buy that you never knew you needed until you bought a house. Things like step ladders and a tool kit.

You’re probably going to need tools if you’re going to live in a house, even if you have no intention of remodeling or do-it-yourself projects.   What follows is a list of tools you probably should have in your tool kit for all the maintenance things that come up.

l Allen wrench – used to turn screws with hexagonal sockets

l Ball-end Allen wrenches – particularly useful because the wrench doesn’t have to be perfectly perpendicular to the screw so can be used in tight and odd spaces

l Box wrench – surrounds the nut or bolt for better leverage, used for plumbing and car repairs

l Brads, nails, bolts, and screws in various sizes

l Cordless drill/screwdriver – good for hanging shelves, furniture kit assembly, driving screws, sheetrock

l Curved claw hammer – driving and removing nails, picture hanging, building projects

l Digging spade – gardening

l Duct tape – temporary repairs

l Extendable-handle rake – leaf raking and gardening

l Glue gun – small fabric tear repair, furniture repair, picture matting, hobby projects

l Lag screws – for mounting large pictures or other large objects like wall vanities or heavy shelves

l Level (2-inch with aluminum housing) – mounting shelves and pictures

l Locking long-nose pliers – vise-grips for gripping screws with head broken off

l Lopper – trimming tree branches and bushes

l Needle-nose pliers – for small-object gripping

l Open-end wrench – appliance repair, plumbing, general nut and bolt turning

l Pipe wrenches – plumbing

l Portable tool box – emphasis on the word “portable”

l Pruning shears – gardening

l Pump Wet/Dry Vacuum – floods or spills

l Saw – for cutting wood, a 16"-24" utility hand saw is all you need

l Screwdrivers, Phillips and flathead – available in sets of four or six different drive configurations

l Socket wrench with a ratchet handle – plumbing and car repairs

l Torx screwdrivers – in the shape of a star and fit into specialized screw holes

l Spray lubricant – freeing up nuts and bolts, lubricating door hinges and metal window slides

l Tape measure – purchase a 25'x1" in a durable case

l Utility knife with a retractable blade – general cutting

l Wire cutters – electrical work, trimming utility wire

l Work flashlight, sturdy